Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Switch in Photos

The Switch reading series is approaching its fourth event, and we'd like to share with you some info and photos from the past events.

On Thursday, August 5th, we had our very first event. It was then called Summer Teeth, and poets Zachary Schomburg, Michael Roberts, Jamalieh Haley, and Paul G. Maziar read-- and the supremely talented Katrina Skalland played songs. The artwork of Jeremy Okai Davis was showing on the gallery walls, alongside photography by Liz Devine. Liz was has also been kind enough to lend her photography for this blog (peep her site, it's boss).

The second event was held on Thursday, September 23rd, and it featured the artwork of Lettie Jane Rennekamp, Leslie Butler, Jeremy Okai Davis, Will Bruno, and Amelia Pillow; along with poets Drew Scott Swenhaugen, Jamalieh Haley, and Joseph Mains. Kelli Schaefer played songs that night, and what a special treat it was for us to have her.

And now here are some photos...

Here is our Flickr group, where photos will constantly appear:

And more:

(Laura Knox, Joseph Mains, Drew Scott Swenhaugen)

(Kelli Schaefer)

(Zachary Schomburg)

(Paul G. Maziar reading)

(Dean Gorman reading)

(Krislyn Dillart)

(Donald Dunbar, Jamalieh Haley, Paul G. Maziar (nerds!))

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